Why Australian coffee?

Australian coffee is one of the smoothest, cleanest, and most naturally produced coffees in the world.

Looking for a premium coffee experience that’s both delicious and sustainable? Look no further than Australian-grown coffee. With a unique and distinctive taste, locally grown coffee offers a high-quality alternative to imported brands. In addition to supporting local farmers and businesses, choosing Australian-grown coffee ensures that you’re enjoying a product that’s been sustainably grown, harvested, and roasted for maximum freshness and flavour. Explore the benefits of Australian-grown coffee, from its unique taste to its positive impact on the environment and local communities. Read on to discover the secrets behind this rich and delicious beverage.

Australian Farmers using sustainable agricultural management principles

Along with the unique growing climate and no major pests and diseases, it’s the clean, ethical and sustainable farming practices of the Australian coffee industry that sets it apart from overseas competitors. Many of the farms are multigenerational where the passion for planting continued and the families carried-on the traditions of stewarding the land. Now, these farms are using sustainable agricultural management principles.

Measures in place include water conversion, renewable power, erosion control, integrated pest management, and some farms dual crop. Many coffee farmers are collaborating with scientists to implement sustainable practices and continuously improve their coffee crops, all while prioritizing environmental protection.       

By partnering with experts in the field, these farmers can optimize their farming techniques, while simultaneously minimizing their ecological impact. In this way, Australian-grown coffee is not only a superior product in terms of taste and quality, but it also embodies the values of sustainability and environmental stewardship.    

Locally sourced coffee and where its grown in Australia

The Australian-grown coffee industry is still in its infancy. Right now, there are two pockets of our Continent that have been identified as ideal for growing coffee: Subtropical and Tropical.

Award-winning coffee farms from tropical north QLD, around the towns of Mareeba and Atherton, and the subtropical landscapes of northern NSW, in the Byron Bay Hinterland – the most southern grown coffee in the world!

The high altitudes of Far North Queensland (around the Atherton Tablelands west of Cairns) are the perfect mix of rich volcanic soils with excellent drainage and distinctly cooler conditions than the rest of North Queensland’s wet and dry season cycle. It’s similar to other growing conditions around the world in altitude and climate. In the lower altitudes of subtropical Northern NSW, a unique combination of the rich red volcanic soil and a warm microclimate means that coffee thrives at a latitude that, elsewhere, would not support the growth of a commercial coffee crop.  

The beautiful coffee plantations are tended by Australian farmers who are just as passionate about stewarding the land and sustainable agriculture principles as they are about growing exceptional arabica coffee.

Discover the two regions and how each presents distinctly different flavour profiles due to their unique terroir, climate, and soil environments.

Cooee Coffee Co, supporting Australians.

G’Day, we are Brad and Richelle, a Husband and Wife team in our family-owned and operated business. We have been blessed with three children, and we are lucky to call Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast home for over 12 years.

Cooee Coffee Co’s story is one of resilience and rebirth. In 2015, our journey took a dramatic and unexpected turn when Brad suffered a life-altering injury, resulting in a crush fracture in his T5 vertebra. In an instant, the lives of our soon-to-be family of five, were changed forever.

Although Brad’s injury was life-changing, we were very grateful it wasn’t worse. Brad faced physical pain and the slow, gruelling process of rehabilitation and learning to live with this life-long injury, all while grappling with the mental anguish of finding a way forward while supporting our young family. It was a challenging period for all of us, but it also became a time of profound personal growth. Our family adopted a mantra of ‘never give up’ and ‘take life as it comes.’ Through adversity, we discovered that even life’s most daunting trials can bring unexpected blessings.

In 2021, a new opportunity presented itself. We received our very first espresso machine as a gift. Richelle, with a passion for supporting local businesses, set out to find Australian coffee for our new machine. To her surprise, she encountered a perplexing challenge. Finding coffee that was 100% grown, owned, and roasted in Australia was an incredibly difficult task.

Amidst a sea of confusing options and clever marketing, it was challenging to discern which coffee genuinely met the Australian-grown criteria. Some were grown overseas and roasted in Australia, while others were grown in Australia but owned by foreign entities. The search for a straightforward solution led to an exciting revelation: we can make it easier for people to discover and enjoy coffee that is Australian.

Cooee Coffee Co was born from our passion for supporting local growers, promoting clear and honest labelling, and making the Australian coffee experience accessible and authentic. Our journey is a testament to turning adversity into opportunity, and our mission is simple yet heartfelt: to share the extraordinary taste and quality of Australian coffee with the world. We invite you to join us on this meaningful adventure and savour the flavours of an Australian coffee experience that’s truly homegrown.


Cooee Coffee Co acknowledges and respects the importance of Australia’s traditional owners and their culture.

We chose to partner with the extremely talented and inspirational Brad Hore, a proud First Nations man, an accomplished artist, athlete, two time Olympian and Commonwealth boxer, community worker, and mental health advocate to share and collaborate on Cooee Coffee Co’s journey, and connection with Australian coffee while also acknowledging and recognizing the traditional land which they are nurtured upon.

Brad Hore has created an astonishingly beautiful artwork conveying the connection and unity between Country, Cooee Coffee Co, and the Australian coffee industry, and it proudly features here throughout our website and on our Southern Cross Blend packaging.


       ‘Sharing Story’

In Aboriginal culture our connection is collective. We connect as a peoples, we share as a mob, we practice our law as custodians of this land we all call Australia. We live from what our land provides us with and respect how our countries collide.

Sharing story is how we connect, we share it over coffee, over gatherings of people and food. Cooee Coffee Co carries these stories from the land to each farmer and from each plantation to pot. The 4 stories created in this painting amplify how as a collective culture we all connect in the middle, sharing what we have together. Two stories represent how different countries cultivated by different farmers creates a unique product to that land. Showing that product is produced using earth, water and hard work together. Another story shows the brand is connected to Aboriginal land with the wambuyn (kangaroo) tracks and the other shows how the sun is a life force for our peoples. It is shared by all, building and nourishing the land on which we link with others.

Visit Brad Hore’s Website Here: https://www.bradhoreart.com/

Brad Hore - Artist


Brad Hore – Dunghutti Custodian.

proudly supporting australian

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