Proudly roasted on the Sunshine Coast by Cooee Coffee Co.

Cooee Coffee Co’s Byron Blue is ideal as an espresso, and an outstanding plunger coffee. The unique flavour profile boasts a perfectly balanced acidity, a soft body, and a delightful combination of dark chocolate and fruit juice notes, resulting in an incredibly clean and smooth taste. There are also notes of chocolate and cereals in the aroma

Welcome to Byron Blue Estate:

Welcome to Byron Blue Coffee Estate, where nature’s bountiful blessings and meticulous craftsmanship unite to redefine the art of coffee cultivation, awakening your senses to a world of unparalleled beauty and flavour.

Indulge in the captivating allure of Byron Blue Estate, a mesmerizing sanctuary nestled in the heart of Australia’s easternmost reaches. Set against a picturesque backdrop boasting 180-degree vistas encompassing Julian Rocks, the majestic Byron Bay Lighthouse, the enchanting Broken Head, and the serene Lennox Head, this remarkable coffee plantation truly offers an unrivalled sensory experience.

Located a mere five kilometres from the quaint Bangalow Village, Byron Blue Coffee Estate at Coopers Shoot stands as a testament to passion and dedication, cultivating a thriving haven for 45,000 meticulously nurtured K7, SL34, and Catuai coffee trees sprawling across a vast expanse of 165 acres.

Nestled within the sub-tropical Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, this extraordinary plantation flourishes in close proximity to the revered Nightcap Ranges National Park and the captivating Woolumbin, benefiting from an average rainfall of 2000mm per year and a cooler sub-tropical climate that slows the ripening process, resulting in a truly unique flavour profile. The bountiful legacy left by ancient volcanic activity blesses the land with fertile, rich red volcanic soil, eliminating the need for irrigation. 

In this idyllic corner of the world, a cooler sub-tropical climate reigns, masterfully orchestrating the coffee ripening process while thwarting the growth of unwanted fungal intruders. As a result, each bean gracefully matures at its own pace, capturing the essence of this serene environment, and promising an exquisite coffee experience like no other.

Byron Blue Coffee Estate embraces the values of purity and sustainability, reflected in their commitment to a pesticide-free environment. With utmost care and attention, every batch of coffee undergoes regular cupping sessions, meticulously ensuring its clean, fresh, and premium reputation within the industry.

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary taste journey with Byron Blue Estate. Each sip delights the senses with enchanting notes of cacao, evoking the luscious indulgence of chocolate, harmonized with the vibrant essence of fruit juice. Immerse yourself in the velvety richness of this exceptional coffee, experiencing a symphony of flavours that dances upon your palate, leaving a lingering sense of purity and satisfaction.