The story behind the artwork

Cooee Coffee Co acknowledges and respects the importance of Australia’s traditional owners and their culture.

We chose to partner with the extremely talented and inspirational Brad Hore, a proud indigenous man, an accomplished artist, athlete, two time Olympian and Commonwealth boxer, community worker, and mental health advocate to share and collaborate on Cooee Coffee Co’s journey, and connection with Australian coffee while also acknowledging and recognizing the traditional land which they are nurtured upon.

Brad Hore has created an astonishingly beautiful artwork conveying the connection and unity between Country, Cooee Coffee Co, and the Australian coffee industry, and it proudly features here throughout our website and will also be on our future coffee products packaging.

‘Sharing Story’

In Aboriginal culture our connection is collective. We connect as a peoples, we share as a mob, we practice our law as custodians of this land we all call Australia. We live from what our land provides us with and respect how our countries collide.

Sharing story is how we connect, we share it over coffee, over gatherings of people and food. Cooee Coffee Co carries these stories from the land to each farmer and from each plantation to pot. The 4 stories created in this painting amplify how as a collective culture we all connect in the middle, sharing what we have together. Two stories represent how different countries cultivated by different farmers creates a unique product to that land. Showing that product is produced using earth, water and hard work together. Another story shows the brand is connected to Aboriginal land with the wambuyn (kangaroo) tracks and the other shows how the sun is a life force for our peoples. It is shared by all, building and nourishing the land on which we link with others.

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Brad Hore - Artist

Brad Hore – Dunghutti Custodian.